sample sunday. alias.

Everything was cold.

The chill in the air. The white tile wall trapping Chase inside. The concrete bench she shared with a foul-smelling woman cops brought in just after she arrived. The steel sink and attached toilet in the corner, offering neither a lid nor privacy.

And the officer standing inside the doorway casting both judgment and a stern eye toward Chase. This was not the welcoming committee one would expect, especially in her predicament, but the woman didn't have to act so rude just because Chase asked her a question.

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sample sunday. the after.

His resigned sigh brought out the scrutiny in Dr. Patankar’s gaze.

“Let’s shift lanes for a minute. Chase, how did things go when you visited with your brother?”

The doctor failed to quell Brandon’s uneasiness, instead adding to Chase's agitation. In turn, she folded her arms before inhaling deep and long choosing not to answer. Brandon insisted on inviting the doctor to dinner and now Chase regretted that she allowed it. The salt water-infused air reminded her that the unorthodox setting for the impromptu therapy session was his home and she was being ambushed. She felt herself suffocating right there, outside on the verandah, even with its serene coastal view behind them.

Chase attempted to clear her throat hoping to rid herself of the clawing feeling around it.

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on air.

The Scenario invited some really cool people to go live on air to discuss self-publishing and I'm doing cartwheels in my head because they also invited me to join them! If you're in the Nashville area, tune in and listen live (107.1 FM/103.7 FM) this Saturday between 5-7 PM (CST).

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blog tour + giveaway. more than a mistress.

More Than a Mistress is a love story between Sonia Kennedy, a sommelier (aka wine consultant) and Esteban Galiano, an Argentinean restaurateur. Although the relationship starts out in an atypical fashion, where Esteban pursues Sonia and she eventually becomes his mistress—or a kept woman—they fall in love with each other.

To add authenticity to the story, I researched sommeliers and wines and collected wayyyy more information than I needed for the book, so I’ll share a little bit of that with you today.

let's talk. wine with writers.

Wine with Writers is back and this time we’re hanging out in the Philadelphia area. We’re bringing five indie authors to discuss Romance, Realism and the Portrayal of African American Women in Popular Fiction at Towne Book Center Wine Bar and Cafe in Collegeville, PA. Join Nia Forrester, Jacinta Howard, Lily Java and me with moderator Ashley M. Coleman of WriteLaughDream on Saturday, March 25 at 5 PM. 

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contest time. wrong time, right place.

Want to spend the weekend with some of your favorite book boyfriends? Dream of curling up with a good book, enjoying goodies you don't have to share and have everything that will make a cozy weekend reader experience delivered straight to your front door? Well here's your chance!

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